Auto Racing

DeGraff OH(8/6) If you are a fan of top-notch stock racing and seeing our
younger generation have a good time, Shady Bowl Speedway was the place to be
Saturday night. There were seven divisions of racers on hand, as running dashes ,
heats and features. . The youngsters got to race their big wheels, have a candy
scramble and had a “Meet and Greet” with their favorite drivers.
The Dave Nagel Excavating LLC Late Models took to the track, with Brian
Brewer leading the first thirteen laps, before Logan McPherson motored by on lap
fourteen. McPherson turned in a very strong performance in his late model, before
Quincy’s Josh Smith stormed by. Smith was never really challenged as the lead of
the way to post his fifth straight win. In victory lane Smith thanked his sponsor
Elmer Schaffer the local Amsoil dealer. Smith dedicated his win to Wayne
Watercutter who passed away last month. Watercutter served as s a “coach” for
Smith in his early years. Josh Sage. McPherson, Don Mahaffey Jr. and Brad Coons
filled out the top five. Mahaffey set quick time (13.507). Smith won the dash, with
heat checker going to Scott Drake and Matt Parsons.
The Wooten’s Towing and Automotive of Saint Paris modifieds were up next.
Mike Carroll’s string of bad luck continued as he led the first ten laps before the
car had what appeared to be an electrical problem, putting him in the pits. Fast
qualifier(13.773) Kyle Purvis took sped to post his second win in his Scott Jones
owned One Call Lawn Care mod. Chris Parker ran a strong second, followed by
Daniel McPherson, Austin Eaton and Greg Winget. Heat winners were Hayden
Wren and Greg Winget.

The Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks were next up. Josh
Sage of Piqua has had a rough season thus far in his street stock. He put it all
together Saturday setting fast time (14.749) and winning the 25-lap feature in his
Wyandt and Silvers sponsored Chevy. Chris Parker, Jason Mahaffey, Chad Small
II and Rodney Roush collected second thru fifth money. Mahaffey won the dash,
with Richard Roush winning the heat.
The M.A.C.K. Karts also made an appearance. The 20-lap feature ended up with a
three wide finish as the checker flew after 20 laps. Cameron Mason of New Haven
IN was declared the winner over Chris Peters, Bill Warner, Karl Schildbach and
David Johnson. Mike Mason set quick time with a 17.542 lap. Schildbach and
Johnson were heat winners.
The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts had 26 cars take the green. The race was
red flagged on lap one when Maddie Smith hit the turn four wall destroying her
car. It took a few minutes for her to regain her composure, but she soon was out of
battered car to a huge round of applause from the Bowl fans .When racing resumed
Alec Young led a lap before Damien “Hot Pink” Weigel thru lap five, when Nick
Barrett put his Cavalier out front. Barrett of Kettering, put his Barrett Tool and
Technology LLC in victory lane nineteen laps later. Dash winner Devin Glessner
was second, followed by Corey Plunkett, Seth Rager and Dominic Smith. Mitchael
Litchfield set quick time with 16.927, but failed a post-race inspection and was
disqualified from the feature . Alec Young. Josh Thompson and Mike Wintrow
were heat winners.
The Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunders battled in their 20-lap feature, that featured
a big pile up that had six cars involved. No injuries, but a lot of bent sheet metal
and bruised feelings. Buck Purtee of Quincy continued his dominance of the class
as he won his eighth feature of the season in his Bryce Realty sponsored Chevy.
Scott Drake, Landen Jones, Tim Hines and Robert Roush filled spots two thru five.
Brandon Hilton won the dash and Hunter Hicks the heat.
The Frazier/Parsons Designs FOMOCO Cruisers ran a special event as they ran a
42-lap feature to bring attention to Suicide Awareness. The 42-lap event was won
by Nick Barrett as he doubled down on the night. Curtis Noble was second, Buck
Purtee third, Zach Beatty-Lakins fourth and Jimmy McElfresh fifth. Barrett was
fast qualifier with a 16.894 lap, Purtee was the dash winner. Sam Marquis and
Damien Weigel won heats.

Shady Bowl Summary 8/6/22
Dave Nagel Excavating LLC Late Models:
Fast qualifier: Don Mahaffey Jr. 13.507
Dash winner: Josh Smith
Heat Winners: Scott Drake and Matt Parsons
Feature 35laps: 1 Josh Smith 2. Josh Sage 3. Logan McPherson 4. Don Mahaffey
Jr. 5. Brad Coons 6. Scott Drake 7. Tyler Parsons 8. Jim Lewis Jr 9. Kenny George
Jr. 10. Brian Brewer 11. Matt Parsons 12. Ryan Fleming 13. Zach Brandyberry 14.
Rob Bryant 15. Jacob Muncy 16. Andy Pine
Wooten Automotive and Towing of Saint Paris Modifieds:
Fast qualifier : Kyle Purvis 13.773
Dash winner: Austin Eaton
Heat wines: Hayden Wren and Don Townsend Jr.
Feature 30 laps: 1. Kyle Purvis 2. Chris Parker 3. Daniel McPherson 4. Austin
Eaton 5. Greg Winget 6. Don Townsend Jr.7. Anthony Heitzman 8. Ethan Pope . 9.
Logan McPherson 10. Mike Owens . 11. Mick Zile 12. Jeremy Morgan 13. Hayden
Wren 14. Mike Carroll 15. Brent Smith 16. Bob Grubaugh
Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks:
Fast Qualifier : Josh Sage 14.749
Dash winner: Jason Mahaffey
Heat winner: Richard Roush
Feature 25 laps: 1. Josh Sage 2. Chris Parker 3. Jason Mahaffey 4.Chad Small II 5.
Rodney Roush 6. Tyler Parker 7. Jacob Heckman 8. Brad Blue 9. Bob Coppock

  1. Richard Roush 11. Chad Small 12. Dan Hall 13. Rob Schaeff 14. Ralph


Fast qualifier: Mike Mason 17.542
Heat Winners: Karl Schildbach and David Johnson
Feature 20 laps: 1.Cameron Mason 2.Chris Peters 3. Bill Warner 4. Karl
Schildbach 5. David Johnson 6. Scott Carson 7. Noah Wright 8. Nick
Hostetler 9, Mike Mason 10. Dallas Rose

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts
Fast Qualifier: Michael Litchfield 16.927
Dash Winner: Devin Glessner
Heat Winners: Alec Young , Josh Thompson and Mike Wintrow
Features 25 laps: 1. Nick Barrett 2. Devin Glessner 3. Corey Plunkett 4. Seth Rager

  1. Dominic Smith 6. Jake Kohler 7. Tyler Mahaffey 8. Billy George 9. Robin
    Zornes 10. Keven Baggett 11. Donnie Eaton 12. Jimmy McElfresh 13. Chase Lang
  2. Steve Duty 15. Alec Young 16. Casey Wynn 17. Alec Young 18. Damien
    Weigel 19. Josh Thompson 20. Timmy Bailey 21. Scott Henson 22. Dusty Harding
  3. Bo Hoelscher 24. Maddie Smith. * Michael Litchfield failed Post-Race

Bullet Liners Of Dayton Thunder Cars:
Fast qualifier: Buck Purtee 15.548
Dash winner: Brandon Helton
Heat winner: Hunter Hicks
Features 20 Laps: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Scott Drake 3. Landen Jones 4. Tim
Hines 5. Robert Roush 6. Brad Blue 7. Corey Wooten 8. Hunter Hicks 9.
Brandon Helton 10. Richard Roush

Frazier/Parson Designs FOMOCO CRUISERS

Fast qualifier: Nick Barrett 16.894
Dash winner: Buck Purtee
Heat winners: Sam Marquis and Damien Weigel
Feature 42 lap Suicide Awareness Race: 1. Nick Barrett 2. Curtis Noble

  1. Buck Purtee 4. Zach Beaty-Lakins 5. Jimmy McElfresh 6. Dalton
    Griffin 7. Matt Parsons 8. Josh Plummer 9. Sam Marquis 10. Nate
    Wilcoxon 11. Bobbie Jo Parsons 12. Brooke Wilcoxon 13. Cody Scott
    14, Fred Triplett 15. Damien Weigel 16. Gaven Wilcoxon 17. Patrick
    Grody 18. Jerry Sheridan 19. Jakob Brunke