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Yeah, the title of this blog post is a bit weak and kind of a cop-out. But I couldn’t think of anything else clever and click-baiting.

Yesterday, I listened to Lee W. Mowen’s most recent podcast on The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast, which you should go out of your way to listen to (episode 174 at The main feature was about the absence of many real sports in the Dayton area. Does this sound a bit familiar? It should, as I wrote about this subject in April of last year ( In Lee’s recent podcast, he went over what’s happened and what he thinks needs to be done to resurrect the city-wide sports scene in Dayton.

I’ll try not to spoil that. Just to be safe, you should listen to his podcast first, then come back here.

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On the season finale of high school basketball, the Dayton Christian Warriors take their 13-8 record and try to finish the season on a high note against the 4-16 Middletown Christian Eagles. Will the Warriors come through, or will the Eagles play spoiler?