Yeah, the title of this blog post is a bit weak and kind of a cop-out. But I couldn’t think of anything else clever and click-baiting.

Yesterday, I listened to Lee W. Mowen’s most recent podcast on The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast, which you should go out of your way to listen to (episode 174 at https://theleewmowen.com/podcasts/). The main feature was about the absence of many real sports in the Dayton area. Does this sound a bit familiar? It should, as I wrote about this subject in April of last year (https://www.gemcitysports.com/daytons-minor-league-sports-crisis/). In Lee’s recent podcast, he went over what’s happened and what he thinks needs to be done to resurrect the city-wide sports scene in Dayton.

I’ll try not to spoil that. Just to be safe, you should listen to his podcast first, then come back here.

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