Last week I posted a series of tweets on my personal Twitter and Facebook pages lamenting the complete radio silence from the new owner of Dayton Dynamo FC regarding their announced move from the semi-pro National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) to a fully professional league. On my Facebook page, several folks implored me to send my abbreviated thoughts to the Dayton Daily News as an editorial. However, given that they tend to really only cover big-name programs (Bengals, Reds, Dragons, UD Mens’ Basketball) in any significant depth, I figured that such a submission would be futile. So instead, my expanded thoughts are coming here.
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Hello sports fans! Last year, if you recall, I posted a very brief series of blogs about me creating a computer program based on machine learning to pick the NCAA bracket. Well, if I remember, the only things it did well was pick the first round and one of the national finalists (Gonzaga). Not bad for a first go at something unproven. This time, however, I’m doubling down, in more ways than one.
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Well, here we go again. I think I’ll make this a weekly thing from here on out. Weird news is shockingly hard to come by for me. At least it is for me. If there’s one thing I haven’t liked about this blog it’s that sometimes they end up short, and I have to pad it out with talking about stuff. Wait, that’s what a blog is supposed to be for anyway? I think I just confused myself. Anyway, onto this week’s topics. Continue Reading